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Experience the Best Wax Melt Burners in Australia

Opulenza's range of wax melt burners are the perfect alternative to candles as they last much longer and don’t have a wick that you need to trim. One of our soy wax melts are the perfect addition to your oil burner, with opulent fragrances that will gently diffuse throughout your home.

Simply take a tealight candle and place in the base of the burner, then add your soy wax melt to the dish at the top and enjoy. Each dish holds up to 40g, which is perfect for holding soy wax blocks.

Available in Rose Gold, Silver, and Clear, our stylish range instantly adds extra flair to any room, with a touch of class and sophistication. These make a stunning feature on any table, shelf, or desk – helping to set the mood and lift the ambiance of your interiors.

Relax With Our Oil Burner Wax Melts

Our luxurious range of soy wax melts are available in a wide selection of fragrances to suit the atmosphere you wish to set. Whatever your tastes – whether it’s something floral or a bit more subtle, we’ve got just the thing. You can also mix and match fragrances to make different combinations. Please note: our soy wax melts are sold separately.

Spread these throughout your home, office, or interiors to bring a sense of relaxation and wellbeing to your day. For an instant sense of relaxation, calm and tranquillity, the aroma spreads to fill the entire space so you can continue to carry about your day.

The added benefit is that these blocks of wax absorb heat slower than your standard candle, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the aroma for longer. Each block lasts for approximately 10 hours – providing a long-lasting solution to freshen up your home. Clean-up is easy – once the wax runs low or you wish to change to a different scent, we recommend using cotton balls to soak up the wax. Our burners are also easy to maintain, and you won’t need to worry about trimming candle wicks either.

Important: For safety reasons, while in use please don’t leave your burner unattended – especially around pets or children. It’s also important to avoid touching or spilling the wax, as it will be quite hot.

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Based in Perth, Opulenza is an Australian brand is known for its fragrant scented candles, with a range of luxurious, indulgent scents. For a stylish touch to any room, our collection of large candle bowls and Cloche candles provide the perfect centrepiece and truly make a statement when your guests enter the room. They can also add a lovely finishing touch and make a memorable impression as décor for weddings, parties, dinners and other special occasions.

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