New collection and Wall prints

We are so thrilled to introduce two new products to our expanding line.  

Our first is the stunning new Diamond Collection.  These jars are absolutely amazing! With sharp, clean angled glass in a diamond cut formation - the Diamond Range is simply stunning. The way the light of a candle refracts from the multiple geometric angles in this jar has to be seen to be believed.

Thick, double-walled hand made glass sets the standard in quality.
The human involvement in the production process results in a safer, durable more consistent product.

Our second line is wall prints.  These are the perfect and easiest way to show your personality and update any room.  They are made to order, and available in your choice of black or white card, with gold, rose gold or silver foil.  We can even custom design a print for you, just email us for a quote.
Hope you enjoy these two fabulous products as much as we do.
Opulenza Fragrances

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